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Redstout Enterprise Defense

A multilayer defense to protect your data.
DNS Firewall, Firewall NG/UTM, WAF and SIEM. A full platform sized for your business to help you to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover attempted attacks.

Protect your data with these guidelines designed to meet all the needs of small and medium business

Updates and Vulnerability Assessment

Out of date software makes it a lot easier to hack an infrastructure. Keep your systems up to date to avoid becoming an easy target. Look for vulnerabilities before the hackers.

Monitoring events and security issues correlation

Event correlation and alarm dashboards provide all information you need to be informed about security issues. Take the right action at the right time.

Set up layers of protection for the infrastructure

RED is a group of systems that implement security layers to keep your data safe. DNS Firewall, Firewall UTM/NGFW, Web Application Firewall and SIEM.

Partner with Redstout Cyber Security Specialists

If you’re not a cyber security specialist and want peace of mind that your data is being monitored by a professional, experienced team, let’s talk about how REDSTOUT could help you.

Multilayer protection

A robust barrier against cyber attacks


Our firewall includes Snort® a leader in IDS/IPS and a comprehensive threat IP list implemented by PFBlockerNG with the REDLIST engine, updated every 6 hours.


Easy and fast deployment with no  impact on costumers architecture.
OWASP top 10 with Core Rule Set, comercial or free versions. 
Request a demo.


A complete security analytics solution covering the firewall and WAF with events correlation deployed with a customized portal.
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DNS Firewall

Protect your end users even out side of your digital perimeter with a DNS Response Policy Zone. We provide a comprehensive list of suspect domains.


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