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REDSTOUT follows the NIST framework.
The results of the CIS Controls based survey allow us to carry out a complete analysis of its environment to design optimized solutions to reduce the cybernetic risks.

How would a real-world attack compromise your business?


Restricted information

Nearly every product deals with critical enterprise data or sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and a variety of private social user data. In highly regulated industries like Healthcare and Finance complying with standards and regulations including ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCHIT is mandatory in order to ensure safety of your products and customers, as well as to prevent unauthorized acccess to critical and sensitive information.

A major flaw in your IT infratructure can expose critical enterprise data and/or sensitive personal information to a malicious hacker and the consequences can go far beyond financial losses.


Consulting Services

From strategy through implementation and support, REDSTOUT provides cybersecurity expertise that go beyond traditional compliance solutions. REDSTOUT Consulting services help to reduce your business risk by addressing your organization’s unique opportunities and challenges . Experts assess and guide remediation of cybersecurity compliance gaps, to help you focus your organizations resources, time and budget to areas that add value or signifacantly reduce risk exposure.


Security Technical Controls

Assessment of organization's cybersecurity technical controls environment based on accepted security technical controls frameworks such as NIST SP 800-53, CIS Controls, and industry-specific standards.


Cyber Risk

Understand the cyber risk and threats your organization is exposed to. Provides a snapshot of your security posture that unmasks all exploitable cyber security vulnerabilities and how to eliminate or mitigate them.



Assess your security maturity levels, identify the current state, define your target state and help to develop your roadmap based on your specific business requirements and resources availability.


White and Black box

By using real world hacker’s methodologies and tactics and taking a systematic approach, REDSTOUT experts team will attempt to breach your defenses and gain access to your organization's critical information assets.

Key benefits


Pro-active & comprehensive approach to identify the level of risk and vulnerabilities that exists on your network and processes before they can be exploited.

Optimize security investments

Cybersecurity assessment outputs can be used to calculate the cost of improving security, estimate the benefits and prioritize security investments.

Awareness & behavior change

Assessment results in more awareness and knowledge of cybersecurity across all levels in your organization drives accountability and creates a better workplace culture. By establishing cyber security as a priority, employees can collaborate and support each other in safe technology use.

Improved business resilience

Processes, tools and behaviors to prevent and quickly solve/mitigate cybersecurity incidents, preventing data loss/theft, business downtime, revenue loss, legal exposure and bad publicity.


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