A cyber war is taking place now.
You need to be prepared to defend your data.


For companies

Cyberlab provides a virtual controlled environment to replicate your systems and services, where we can test all hacking procedures to validate your most updated configuration.

All or only part of your infrastructure

Testing and security procedures can be performed on all or parts of your infrastructure.

Simple and secure

Servers separated from your production environment. No real connectivity to external networks.


For training

Your employees can conduct technical training in a replicated environment with the same settings as your real environment.

Custom designed

Trainings and exercises designed specifically for your technology environment

Skill enhancement

Focusing on your systems allows for a significant increase in the skill of your engineers

  • CUSTOMIZED - Scenario-Based, hands on exercises typically focused on the enterprise response to a series of hypothetical cyber incidents.
  • AWARENESS - Enhances your organization's understanding and awareness of the intricacies of cyber incident management.
  • EFFECTIVE RESPONSE - Provides all levels of your organization with experience that is directly transferrable to real-world events, increasing your enterprise's resilience and effectivity to respond to cyber attacks.

Capture the flag

From beginner to advanced levels with theoretical and practical sessions in our cloud based labs or deployed in your own environment


Workshops create perfect environment for people to engage in an intensive discussion about cybersecurity and threats. Workshop facilitator and attendees interact to explore the various means that an intruder must gain access to computer resources, understand weaknesses by discussing the theoretical background behind and, whenever possible, performing the attack using Redstout’s Cyberlab.


Virtually replicate your network and IT environment for learning, evaluation (proof of concept) of new technologies and to test and improve your security tools and incident management processes. Whatever is your need, Redstout Cyberlab can provide you a safe, cost effective and flexible virtual infrastructure env for your security projects.


Security training no matter your level of experience or unique requisites are. From basic to more advanced knowledge; for technology or product-specific skills development - REDSTOUT provides tailor-made training programs designed in close consultation with you and your team. Our courses can be delivered the way that best fits to attendee’s availability and organization physical space constraints. Redstout courses leverage on Cyberlab tools to provide each training with the required level of practice exercises.


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