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RS20000 Series
Web Application Firewall

Increasingly complex threats requires robust security solutions. Our application firewall protects your systems and servers based on OWASP TOP 10.

Our offers provide an instance on the cloud or in virtual and physical devices. Periodic reports will provide the visibility of the obtained protected level. Ask for an analysis to get a design drawing made specifically for your business.

  1. Easy and fast deployment - No need to change your systems. Just point the DNS entry to the REDSTOUT servers and keep your site protected.
  2. SSL Off-loading - The REDSTOUT WAF handles SSL encryption/decryption tasks from the backend server to the clients and inspects all traffic.
  3. Cloud, physical and virtual appliances - Flexibility to deploy WAF depending on customer business requirements. We offer a range of appliances that can be set in a customized security design.
  4. Up to date Core Rule Sets - The REDSTOUT team keeps all rule sets up to date to ensure application security effectiveness against most recently listed threats.
  5. Threat periodic reports available - Gives the visibility to the costumer on the detected and blocked attacks.
  6. Complement your WAF solution with our managed services and trainning - REDSTOUT provides a comprehensive services portfolio to allow custumer to focus on the core business.

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