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DNS Firewall

The first line of defense. Protect your users even outside of your digital perimeter with the DNS Response Policy Zone by supported by RED DNS Engine, the state of the art in DNS record analisys algorithm.

Our offers provide a cloud based DNS service or a local instance to protect your users and servers. Ask for an analysis to get a design drawing made specifically for your business.

  1. Easy and fast deployment - No need to change your systems. Just set the DNS Server on your network configuration to the REDSTOUT DNS instance.
  2. Blacklist - The REDSTOUT mantains a domain name blacklist to be used with your DNS instance. It can also be downloaded to be set on your own DNS Server.
  3. First line of defense - Too many attacks are initiate by a name resolution. Another pool of attacks uses the name resolution to reach the threats on the Internet. The DNS Firewall is the first line of defense against the major risks and threats.

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