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RS10000 Series
Firewall NGFW/UTM

Portforward, IDS/IPS, pfBlocker, GeoIP, NAT, Traffic Shaper, VPN (L2TP, IPSec and OpenVPN), Captive Portal, Webfilter, High Availability, DNSLB and much more.

Our offers provide an instance of the Firewall in the cloud or in virtual and physical devices, full managed by our engineers to provide a digital perimeter defense line. Ask for an analysis to get a design drawing made specifically for your business.

  1. Easy and fast deployment - No need to change your systems. Easy setup to keep your infrastructure protected.
  2. IDS/IPS - The REDSTOUT Firewall uses Snort® an IDS/IPS leader. The system is maintained and supported by our team with the most recent rules.
  3. PFBlockerNG - An IP Download Manager which permits to create automatic rules to block offensive sources and destinations based on threat lists.
  4. Webfilter - The webfiltering can analyze the traffic, classify the page contents and set actions according categories.
  5. High Availability - All instances, on cloud or on premises are able to work in a High Availability setup.
  6. Scheduler - You can set rules based on date and time. The traffic can be segmented by time and the actions can be different based on the clock settings.

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